Non-wearable transfer aids


Non-wearable transfer aids use robot technologies and provide powered assistance to the caregiver in lifting motions. The following are key considerations in the development of non-wearable transfer aids.

  • Operational by one person in transferring the care-receiver.
  • Usable in transferring the person between the bed and the wheelchair.
  • Provide full or partial powered assistance to the caregiver.
  • Require no additional work for the installation, such as building a foundation for the device.
  • Exclude hanging-type transfer lifts from this category.
Product list

移乗ケアアシスト(トヨタ自動車株式会社)Transfer Care Assistance (Toyota Motor Corporation)

Our robot supports patients' independent lives by providing gentle transfer aid in various settings. The robot developed holds the trunk of the patient as if the hand of a caregiver is holding. Continue reading

寝たきり要介護者にも対応できる移乗支援ロボットの実用化開発(住友理工㈱(旧社名:東海ゴム工業㈱))Development of Transfer Aid Robot for Those Who are Bedridden and Require Care (SUMITOMO RIKO COMPANY LIMITED. (former Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.))

主に車椅子からベッドの移乗を行う。双腕型介護ロボットの研究開発で開発した、SRセンサ(スマートラバーセンサ)を用いた触覚操作を採用することにより、直感的に簡単に操作を行う事が可能。要介護者が乗る部分は着脱式で扱いが容易である。Mainly for transfer between wheelchair, bed and the toilet. Can be operated intuitively, by employing a haptic operation developed in the research and development of double-arm care robots with SR sensor (Smart rubber sensor). The part where the patient rides is easily detachable. Continue reading

移乗サポートロボット Hug T1(富士機械製造株式会社)Transfer Support Robot Hug T1 (Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

要介護者の胸部等を保持して抱え上げ動作を行い、移乗を介助するロボット。Our transfer aid robot gives patients a gentle lift and helps them move from one place to another. Continue reading


被介護者の下に敷いたシートごと優しく抱きかえるよう移乗可能。Our product helps nursing care workers gently embrace patients and move them, for example, from the bed to the wheelchair. Continue reading

防滴型抱え上げ移乗機(積水ホームテクノ株式会社)Water-proof Transfer Aid (Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd.)

スリング装着負担を排除、寝位・座位変換アシスト、浴室脱衣室使用可能といった特長を有する防滴型抱え上げ移乗機。Water-proof transfer aid which eliminate the burden to wear the sling, support sleeping/sitting position change, can be installed in bathroom/powder room. Continue reading

メカトロニクス技術を活用した移乗アシスト装置(株式会社安川電機)Transfer Aid Device utilizing Mechatronics (Yaskawa Electric Corporation)

Our bed-to-chair transfer aid is designed to reduce the physical burden of caregivers and help people with low mobility spend more time out of bed and enjoy activities and socializing. We create nursing care aids that benefit all people, caregivers and care-receivers alike. Continue reading