Wearable transfer aids


Wearable transfer aids are devices that are worn by the caregiver and uses robot technologies to provide powered assistance to him/her. The following are key considerations in the development of wearable transfer aids.

  • Reduce the load on the back of the caregiver during transfer assistance.
  • Wearable by oneself without help.
  • Help the user transfer a person, for example, from the bed to the wheelchair to the toilet.
Product List

HAL®介護用腰タイプ(CYBERDYNE株式会社)HAL for Care Support Lumbar Type (CYBERDYNE,Inc.)

Robot Suit HAL helps nursing care workers reduce the risk of back injury and improve thier work environment. Continue reading

介護用マッスルスーツ(株式会社菊池製作所)Muscle Suit for Nursing Care (Kikuchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)

Our light, powerful muscle suit helps nursing care workers carrying residents between rooms, beds, chairs, etc. without getting their back hurt. Continue reading