Indoor mobility aid robot (MORITOH CORPORATION)

Main Features

  • The robot to support indoors movement and standing sitting and to support posture maintenance in the round-trip and the restroom to the restroom specifically
    ( Movement support equipment ) The freedom to the sit-in – standing up and the operation, the destination to the bed – the chair – the toilet seat and so on is high and moves, walking in the cared pace. Also, it reduces nursing care quantity in each operation.
  • (the vacuum unit is specifically designed to be placed indoors).
Product Indoors movement support robot
Manufacturer MORITOH CO.,LTD.
Target category Indoor mobility aids
Target user The person that the walking of doing fable being, and so on, is unstable in indoors walking.
Target environment Indoors where there is not difference in rank
Expected sales date Undecided
Phone 06-6342-1565