Mobility aid device using mechatronics technologies (YASKAWA Electric Corporation)

Main Features

Our mobility aid device has been developed to help elderly people who are losing independent mobility by providing support they need to move around indoors (particularly to get to the toilet).

Our goal is to help the user improve the quality of life by assisting him/her in walking by oneself as much as possible.

Our mobility aid device helps the user to:

  • Get up.
  • Walk.
  • Sit down on a toilet.
  • Keep optimal postures while in the bathroom.
3号機表 3号機裏
Product 屋内移動アシスト装置
Manufacturer 株式会社安川電機
Target category 移動支援機器(屋内型)
Target user 足腰が弱くなり歩行器への乗り移りが難しくなった高齢者
Target environment 病院・介護施設・在宅などの屋内
Expected sales date
Contact ロボティクスヒューマンアシスト事業推進室 HA事業推進第2チーム
Phone (04)2962-5823