Walker with a powered standing-up assistance function (Mitsuba Corp.)

Main Features


  • This walker helps the user to get up from a bedside, chair, couch, toilet, etc. After that, the user can use it just as a regular walker.
  • The armrest is power adjustable up and down to the optimal height for the user.
  • The small rear casters and the low bottom frame allow the rear casters to slide in under a bed, couch or other household items, for which the user can keep the walker in an easy-to-use position and get up in a stable posture.
  • The walker is designed to look light and slim by using a linear actuator that is small and light.
Product Walker with a powered standing-up assistance function
Manufacurer Mitsuba Corp.
Target category Indoor mobility aids
Target user People who are having difficulty getting up and down by themselves
People who need a walker or other walking aids to walk
Target environment Indoors
Expected sales date Not decided yet
Contact Fifth Development Division
Phone 0277-54-5942