Bathing aids


Bathing aids are devices using robot technologies to provide support for elderly people in a series of motions required for getting in and out of bath tubs. The following are key considerations for developing bathing aid devices.

Bathing aid devices should:

  • Be usable by a single person without help or with some help from a helper.
  • Assist care receivers in a series of motions: e.g., getting in and out of the bathtub, stepping over the rim to soak in the bathtub, etc.
  • Be designed to let the user soak in the bathtub at least up to his/her chest.
  • Be small enough for a helper to put them away easily by him/herself so that the devices will not be a bother to other family members.
  • Require no extra work to put in place at home.
Product list

浴槽設置型入浴支援機器(TOTO株式会社)Bathtub-mounted bathing aid (TOTO LTD.)

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