Monitoring systems for private homes


Monitoring systems for private homes are devices and platforms that use robot technologies with sensors and external communication functions to monitor elderly and other people in private homes. The following are key considerations for developing such monitoring systems.

Monitoring systems for private homes should:

  • Monitor multiple rooms at the same time.
  • Be usable in bathrooms.
  • Work in the dark.
  • Not be solely dependent on care-receivers’ voluntary actions for help (e.g., pressing a button or calling out for help).
  • Not require the care-receiver to carry or wear a device with him/her.
  • Send an alarm to the caregivers when the care-receiver falls.
  • Send information about the care-receiver to the caregivers after detecting changes in indicators that are set by the manufacturer to monitor the daily life pattern or health of the care-receiver.
  • Have a potential to provide a platform to monitor dementia people with enhanced functions and additional devices and software.

Product list

3次元電子マットを用いた在宅介護見守りシステム(ノーリツプレシジョン株式会社<旧会社名:NKワークス株式会社>)Monitoring system using 3D electric mat for home nursing care (Noritsu Precison Co.,Ltd.<previously NK WORKS CO. LTD.>)

非接触方式のセンサー・カメラを使って、居室内の要介護者の危険状態を昼夜を問わず自動的に察知し、介護者にリアルタイム通知することで迅速な対応ができ、在宅高齢者の生活を安心・安全に見守るシステムです。 Continue reading

転倒検知センサー(旭光電機株式会社)Fall detection sensor (Kyokko Electric co., ltd.)

We offer a fall detection system with different types of sensors and a smart control unit. Continue reading