Indoor mobility aids


Indoor mobility aids helps elderly and other physically-challenged people to get up and down and move around their home. The devices below use robot technologies and are specifically designed to assist them in going to the bathroom and getting down on and up from a toilet all by themselves.

The devices are developed with the following points in mind:

  • The devices should be usable by a single person without any help or with some help from a helper.
  • The devices can assist the elderly or other users to walk on their feet (which excludes ridable types).
  • The devices should be designed for the user to use them when getting up from a chair in a dinning or living room or getting up from the bed. They should help the user to get up from a chair-sitting position or a bedside-sitting position.
  • The devices can be designed to use conventional walking aids or other tools.
  • Extra points may be given to indoor mobile aids when they can be used in an average-size bathroom without any additional operations and support the user to keep a stable position from falling while he/she performs a series of action in the bathroom (getting down to and up from the toilet, pulling down and up the pants, wiping oneself clean, changing directions in the bathroom).
Currently Japanese version only.