Exhibition of robotic care devices at International Robot Exhibition 2017 (iREX2017)

(Apology) The description up to “Synopsis” was the same as H.C.R. 2017. It was corrected at 16:50 on Sep.7.

Project to Promote the Development and Introduction of Robotic Devices for Nursing Care, will make exhibition of robotic care devices that has been developed in robotic care devices development project at the International Robot Exhibition 2017 (iREX2017). Developers which participate (or once participated) in the project will exhibit and demonstrate as shown below.


Exhibition devices

Exhibitor Areas Device name
RT.WORKS co., ltd. Outdoor Mobility Walking Assist Cart
Indoor Mobility Indoor Robotic Walker
Sanyo Homes Corporation Indoor Mobility Indoor movement, everyday life support “snuggle robot”
OKADA MANUF. CO.,LTD. Toileting Raku Raku Kiretto 5th machine
VR Techno center, Inc. Monitoring
for nursing care homes
Monitoring system with multi bed sensors for nursing care homes
for nursing care homes
Silhouette Monitoring Sensor
RayTron,INC. Monitoring
for private homes
CQ-S NET Monitoring
for private homes
Monitoring system using radar technologies (fall detector for private homes)
AIVS Corporation Monitoring
for private homes
Monitoring aid system for nursing care at private homes

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