Announncement of FY2013 Result Briefing of Project to Promote the Development and Introduction of Robotic Devices for Nursing Care, (project for Making standard, evaluation) , Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

We are planning to exhibition and introduction of robotic devices for nursing care evaluation tool(care work recording tool, dummy robot of an old person, dummy robot of a caregiver etc.), evaluation equipment of robotic devices for nursing care(sham nursing facility), living support robot safety test devices that has been researched and developed in the heading project for making standard, evaluation and the robotic care devices which developers has developed by a subsidy project.

  • organizer: consortium for making standard,evaluation (Ambassador:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST))
  • Period: March 18(Tuesday),2014
  • Location:
  • Access:
    • From 9:15, we go around a minibus for picking up visitors every about 5 miniutes from Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen station. The person in charge with the placard stands in front of a station wicket, so please follow the person’s instruction.It is about three minutes from the station, but you have to finish a reception, and if you want the relaxation time before this program, we recommend you to come a margin of time.
    • You can’t use a parking in the meeting place.When you come to the meeting place by your own car,please use coin-operated parking spaces around the Kenkyugakuen station.
  • Capacity:Nursing business person:120, Robot nursing equipment developer:120
  • Entry Qualification:The person who corresponds to one following can participate.
    • Nursing business person etc.
    • Nursing care equipments rental business etc.
    • A member of NEDO robotic devices for nursing care development partnership (Or people that is under consideration for new member.)
    • Other(Organizer, Administrative operson concerned)
  • Registration:Please apply for participation from the form of the right note link.(Application is already ended.)
    • NEDO robotic devices for nursing care development partnership member and people who is under consideration for new member (Development business people), accept your registration on only afternoon.
  • Reference:Robotic Devices for Nursing Care Office E-mail:robot-kaigokiki-pj-contact-ml[at]  FAX:029-861-3493(When you apply by e-mail or fax, please tell us your name, attachment, title, phone number and participation time you desired.)


<For nursing business person, nursing care equipments rental business persons>

Period Contents Place
10:00-11:15 The outline of robotic devices for nursing care evaluation verification research result (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)), An explanation of verification project (The Association for Technical Aids (ATA))(30 minutes)

Robotic care devices facilityExhibitation of robotic care devices(45 minutes)

Robot Safety Center
10:45-12:00 Ditto (The second) Ditto

<For robot nursing devices developers>

You can download a briefing paper.

Period Contents Place
13:00-15:00 Lecture of results of research Japan Automobile Research Institute(JARI) Auditorium
13:00-13:20 Effect of robotic devices for nursing care , the way of the safety inspection, Yayoi Ookawa (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology) Ditto
13:20-13:40 Tool of robotic care devices effect evaluation, Yoshio Matsumoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)) Ditto
13:40-14:00 Safety verified methodology of robotic care devices, Youji Yamada(Nagoya University) Ditto
14:00-14:20 Safety test method of robotic care devices Tatsuo Fujikawa, (Japan Automobile Research Institute(JARI)) Ditto
14:20-14:40 Tool of robotic care devices design assist, Yoshihiro Nakabo, (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)) Ditto
14:40-15:00 Robotic care devices  verification project, (The Association for Technical Aids (ATA)) Ditto
15:00-15:30 Movement (Japan Automobile Research Institute → Robot Safety Center)
15:30-17:00 Robotic care devices evaluation facilityExbition of robotic care devices evaluation ,living aid robot safety test facility Robot Safety Center

Exhibitation of robot care devices

<Wearable transfer aids devices>


Transfer aids assists robot suits HAL(CYBERDYNE Inc.)

<Non-wearable transfer aids devices>


Transfer aids support robot (FUJI MACHINE MFG. CO.,LTD.)


ROBOHELPER SASUKE (Muscle Corporation)


Transfer aids system by utilizing mechatronic technique (YASKAWA Electric Corporation)


Assist bed which help users get out of bed (Panasonic Corporation)

<Mobility aids devices (Out door)>


Walking assist cart (FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.)

<Monitoring aids devices(used at nursing facilities)>


Monitoring systems useing three dimentions electric mat (NK WORKS CO. LTD)


Monitoring agent type network robot for dementia person (PIP CO., LTD.)


Non-contact bed monitoring system using FG visual sensor for dementia patient (Ideaquest Inc.)


Monitoring platform using a smart rubber sensor together with a camera(Tokai Rubber)

Robot care evaluation devices


Caregiver’s action simulation robot

It is a robot that measure the load reappearing nursing care person’s action for evaluate wearable transfer aids devices .


Elder people’s action simulate devices

It is a humanoid robot that simulate elder people’s action for developed to evaluate robot care devices.


Nursing care record assists system

It make a record of the nursing care action by simple operation that input from the application of the smart phone, tablet and a positional information sensor.


Robotic care devices evaluation assist sensor

It support to record and evaluate the usage of developed robotic care devices(Transfer action from a bed to a wheelchair, a toilet devices operating state) at nursing home.


Functional safety support CPU board/RTM Safety package

It realize various robotic care devices in accordance with the user’s needs.

It is a comon ground module to cope functional safety for safe and secure robot.


Dependable robotic cart

It is a test robot for safey test and certification at Robot Safety Center.

We explain a flow of safey test and certification.

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